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[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_helmut_franceschini

Managing Partner at FYNN. A strategic and creative mind with a passion for sustainable business models, user-centric product and service innovations and coherent market strategies. Accompanies challenging consulting projects with a clear view and valuable know-how.



  • Consumer behavior and target group profiling
  • Buying cycle, experience management
  • Business model, product and service development
  • Market strategy


Helmut Franceschini

CEO, Founding Partner
AT: +43 676 4555 322

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_david_unterholzner

Founding Partner at FYNN and inspiring spirit with flair for new markets and opportunities. Advises large and small companies with vision and experience in intercultural environments. Has a strong penchant for business development and start-ups - especially in the online sector.



  • Digital transformation and new technologies
  • Development of (digital) business models, products and services
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Innovation management & company building


David Unterholzner

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_christian_hoepperger

Sales Specialist at FYNN with a keen eye for customers and markets. And a passion for start-ups and social impact companies / initiatives. Quickly recognizes problems and develops sustainable and future-oriented solutions together with customers. His heart's project:
www.goodgame.football - an initiative that connects soccer clubs worldwide to support disadvantaged clubs with equipment and infrastructure.



  • Sales strategy and sales
  • Key account management
  • Market positioning
  • Business modeling & fundraising for social impact enterprises


Christian Höpperger

Head of Market Activity, Senior Strategist
AT: +43 660 6946 605

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_ferfried_innerhofer

Pragmatic thinker with a feel for people and situations. Well networked and with a great deal of tact, he initiates major projects. Globetrotter with an eye for new opportunities and business models. Entrepreneur by passion.



  • Sales strategy and sales
  • Business modeling, product and service development and market positioning in the field of "building and living" and "tourism"
  • Business coaching


Ferfried Innerhofer

Senior Strategist, Market Activity Italy
IT: +39 340 2410 456
AT: +43 677 6313 1080

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_thomas_oberrauch

Opens up new perspectives on the familiar with his unconventional style. Is interested in start-ups and trends of all kinds and from all over the world. Implements a wide variety of project tasks with his calm and down-to-earth manner.



  • Digital transformation with a focus on blockchain
  • Market research and trend scouting


Thomas Oberrauch

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_juergen_muehlbacher

Combines a wide variety of methodologies to quickly find pinpoint solutions to problems. He supports the project team in the implementation of sustainable solutions and external communication. His interests lie in the areas of strategy and innovation.



  • Circular economy
  • Market research and trendscouting


Jürgen Mühlbacher

[Translate to english:] Maximilian Perkmann

Entrepreneurial blood through and through. Pragmatist with a keen sense for innovative concepts and possibilities. Brings a fresh perspective to the project world with his technical background. With heart and soul in his heart projects.



  • Conceptual design, product development
  • Technical project support
  • Digital marketing
  • User experience and product design
  • Digital transformation


Maximilian Perkmann

+43 670 6048420

[Translate to english:] Theresa_Jiraschek

Master student of business psychology and helping hand at FYNN. Besides market-relevant actions and processes, she also understands how communication and interaction can be profitably optimized in companies. Creative work and conception belong to her strengths, diligence and conscientiousness to her personality.



  • Market research
  • Consumer behavior
  • Digital marketing
  • Project management


Theresa Jiraschek

[Translate to english:] fynn_team_barbara_kastlunger

After studying business psychology in Vienna, Innsbruck and Rome, she worked scientifically at the University of Cagliari and at the Institute for Business Psychology at the University of Vienna and is now Vice-Rector and Professor at the BDU - Digital Business University Berlin. Her main research interests were in the areas of behavioral economic decision research and consumer behavior.



  • Consumer behavior
  • Data driven strategy
  • Nudging & choice aArchitecture
  • Customer insights
  • Customer experience


Barbara Kastlunger

Expert "Digital Consumer Behavior & Strategy"
AT: +43 677 630 590 68

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_gerlinde_gruber

Quality-conscious personality with a strategic flair for new trends and business models in the field of "food and nutrition". With an analytical eye, she likes to look behind the scenes and convinces with her amiable but persistent manner.



  • Business modeling, product and service development in the field of "Nutrition & Novel Food"
  • Food labeling and relevant food regulations
  • Management of quality seals
  • Food/ingredients with regard to the registration procedure of the novel food VO 2015/2283


Gerlinde Gruber

Expert "Lebensmittel, Ernährung & Novel Food"

[Translate to english:] fynn_team_marion_zelger

Lawyer, academically certified European law expert, Master of European Law and business mediator has been working as an independent legal and business consultant for local and international companies since 1998. She coordinates and manages the internal legal department of several important South Tyrolean companies, with a special focus on international contractual relations and export activities. Speaker at numerous professional events and in-house trainings for companies.


  • national and international business law with a focus on strategic distribution and contract law
  • Coaching of legal departments in dealing with innovation issues


Marion Zelger

Expert "Legal Framework"

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_kambis_kohansal_vajargah

Studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and part-time at the University of Liverpool. His studies focused on international business administration and management. He now appears as a speaker at various conferences and also teaches as a lecturer.



  • Entrepreneurship and corporate venturing
  • Digitization and strategic corporate development
  • Marketing & communications


Kambis Kohansal Vajargah

Expert "Digitization & Company Building"

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_hannes_kirchbaumer

After working as an entrepreneur in the retail sector, he began his career in an Internet agency and today supports numerous companies as a consultant in the implementation of their digital strategy.



  • Analytics and monitoring, workflow optimization
  • Social media, community marketing
  • Web and E-Commerce user experience
  • Google search engine, display, shopping and YouTube/video advertising


Hannes Kirchbaumer

Expert "Digital Marketing und eCommerce"

[Translate to english:] fynn_mitarbeiter_benedikt_kofler

As Head of Webdevelopment at a leading web agency in South Tyrol, Benedikt Kofler proved his leadership qualities. Now, as co-founder of the creative workshop Wunderfarm, he develops digital solutions with a preference for augmented and virtual reality.



  • Multimedia solutions for different applications
    3D product configurators
    Augmented and virtual reality


Benedikt Kofler

Expert "Digitale Technologien mit Fokus Augmented/Virtual Reality"

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