That's the FYNN Food Lab. Together with start-ups, producers and retailers, we work on innovative and sustainable product concepts and business models. And bring them to the market.


Our goal: to help shape the change of the existing food ecosystem, to create suitable offers for a new generation of consumers and to have a positive impact on the enviroment. 

The Food Revolution.
It's boiling.
In the minds of executives.

The food industry is taking a new direction. Why? Because something has to change. The world's population is growing - and the demand for food is rising. Substantially. But our planet's resources are limited. Global warming and climate change are making the situation even worse.

Customers are also recognizing these developments and are changing their consumer behavior. The next generation pays attention to the "impact". Healthy, ethically correct, ecologically sustainable - success factors of the future. Because: local raw materials from sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, alternative proteins, vegetarian or vegan alternatives, and well thought-out value chains are no longer nice-to-haves. They are a prerequisite. For a good reason.

We need ecologically and socially sustainable concepts to transform the existing food landscape. Across the entire value chain. Pure transformation. And we are part of it. First row, barefoot. And we support innovators, corporates, and start-ups to face new challenges. Let's rock. Full service.

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Give impulses. Develop concepts. Enable interaction.
For Start Ups and Corporates.

IMPULSE: Sparring & Consulting around Consumer Insights, Food Transformation, Casual Food & Snacking.


There is a lot going on in the food universe: from millennials with changing consumption patterns, to new technologies and sustainable farming methods and start-ups that are disrupting the market with their innovative concepts. It is essential to stay in the loop. That's why we keep an eye on what's happening in the food market. And support corporates in understanding and exploiting future market opportunities in order to rethink food products & services and develop innovation and portfolio strategies.


INNOVATION: From the idea, concept and product development to market launch for companies and start-ups


New concepts and products are in high demand in the food industry. Both in retail as well as gastronomy. With constantly changing consumer demands and requirements. That's why we support the development of sustainable business models and products with resource-saving value chains - from the initial idea to product development, prototyping and proof-of-concept all the way to market positioning via a smart brand and reliable distribution channels.


INTERACTION: Know How Transfer, Match-Making & Venture Capital


Collaboration is smart. And fun. That's why we want to focus on the following: bringing people together. Corporates and Start Ups. Food experts and foodies. Specialists from research and development, production, supply chain and distribution. People with passion and ideas as well as investors who believe in them.


Our approach.
3 x 3 makes 100 punti.

Celebrate products and ingredients, invest in key assets, and make everything scalable. And if the end product is also delicious, wholesome, and sustainable, then you get cento punti - as they say in Italian.



Product is King - Celebrate products and ingredients.
The product must be absolutely spot on. From the ingredients to the packaging right through to the presentation at the POS. Important for innovative products: the consumer should be able to get engaged and enjoy the novelty without being overwhelmed.


Love Brands – Invest in core values.
Invest in the right values. And communicate them to the outside. That's what characterizes the food concepts and products of the future. Because tomorrow's consumers will make purchase decisions only if they feel good and right. Healthy, ethically correct and ecologically sustainable. They love transparent and cooperative brands that genuinely and sustainably stand for these values. It's a matter of passion.


Scaling - Make everything scalable.
Sustainable, transparent, and efficient value chains - fully integrated and designed as a cycle: from the sourcing of raw materials, through production and processing, to logistics, distribution, consumption, and disposal. Future food brands will rely on these factors. But what works very well on a small scale can quickly become a challenge on a large scale. Here, it is important to pull the right levers in order to remain in line with the core values - even in times of growth.

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