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Hey you! This is FYNN. We develop and market new business models, products and services in food & tech sector. And future-proof existing ones.

Structured and efficient to your business of tomorrow.
Business Development for Corporates, SMEs & Newcomer - thought from the market to the market.

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Development of business models for new product ideas in cooperation with management and key employees as a basis for evaluating market viability.

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ÖBB Infrastruktur
Internal positioning and further development of the B2B product brand "Railpower" and creation of the organizational framework for successful market development.

Hermann Fleischlos

Identification of consumer insights and derivation of clear customer segments, joint reflection on strategic positioning and development of options for further development.

on areas that
shape the future


We team up with start-ups, producers and retailers to work on innovative and sustainable product concepts and business models. And bring them to the market. For a new generation of consumers - and a new and sustainable way of life.

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We build digital products & services. While doing so, we also rethink the business itself: customer journey, high scalability and innovative business models. To unlock the full potential of digitalisation.


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Discover new growth opportunities and develop business ideas.


Plan your business - from the idea sketch to the final business model.


Develop market-driven products and establish new business units.


Bring your business to market and ensure structured growth.

What we have to offer you?
From market to market thinking.
Fresh impulses & uncomfortable questions.
Start-up agility despite corporate standards.
New momentum despite day-to-day business.

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