Managing future business.
That is our profession.
And we enjoy it.

Today's dynamic markets require fresh ideas and coherent business models, products and services that will quickly score on the market. And that can withstand the challenges and complexity of tomorrow. Developing and improving these is our strength. That is what gives us joy, makes our customers fit for the future - and the world an even better place to live in.

Sustainable growth and innovation in turbulent times

Our projects are all about developing or improving business models, products and services. Obviously. In doing so, we focus on market changes, social trends, but above all on the needs, problems and expectations of the respective target groups. And we make sure that the company profile is strengthened and that the economic sense and technical feasibility are guaranteed. Then we transfer the concepts we have developed into day-to-day business. So far so good.



However, times are turbulent. And the rhythm between adaptation, new development and stabilization is getting faster and faster. Foresight and agility are in demand - and that, in addition to efficiency-driven and standardized day-to-day business. This places a lot of strain on companies. That's why we also make sure, structurally, that strategic further development and rapid action on the market are possible. The result: sustainable growth and innovation.




Strategy agency = Future-oriented concepts set on track.

Clear future directions and coherent concepts are important, no doubt about it. But they are only half the battle. It is just as important to firmly establish them structurally in the company and to place them on the market. That's why we combine the best of both worlds: the strategic thinking of a management consultancy and the implementation expertise of an agency.


As business strategists, we lead interdisciplinary teams efficiently and in a structured manner through strategic and development processes. In doing so, we involve different hierarchical levels and disciplines - from the board of directors, top management and employees to technical experts as well as creative minds.


And then we move on to the market. With our sleeves rolled up, we provide support in the structural transfer of the strategic concepts and prototypes we have developed into day-to-day operations. And to position them in terms of branding and sales with the respective target groups and to make them tangible.


This results in concepts that offer the customer real added value, are practiced with confidence within the company, and ensure a sustainable return on investment.

Focused on the market.
Ecologically and economically sustainable.

And in harmony with your day-to-day business.

Focused on the market and the user

Developing successful business models, products and services is a living process that begins where it ends: in the market with the user. Because those who understand the needs of target groups can develop offers with clear rational and emotional benefits. And thus, bring added value into the lives of users.


Digitalization with a vision
Yes, we admit it. We love new technologies and are up to date when it comes to Digital Transformation. And we appreciate projects that take our customers one step further into the digital future. When it makes sense to do so. And without bullshit bingo.


Ecologically and economically sustainable
Our world only exists once. That's why it's important to develop future concepts and value chains that guarantee both a far-sighted and a responsible use of natural resources. In harmony with the economic goals of the company. Is this a challenge? Definitely. But it's feasible.


In harmony with your day-to-day business
Companies have to work efficiently. Of course - and the daily business has to run smoothly. But a breath of fresh air needs flexibility, a change of perspective and time. How do we manage to balance all that? Through a lot of experience with development and strategy projects, efficient work with different hierarchy levels and formats that quickly lead to spot-on results.


on areas of life
that shape the future

The market and the users are the starting as well as the destination point for meaningful innovation. That's why our content expertise focuses on those areas of daily life that will undergo particularly significant change in the future.


In these areas, we have built up market and industry expertise that helps develop beneficial business models, products and services. For B2C and B2B. Because even companies that are not directly targeting the end-customer market are increasingly focusing on this market in order to remain competitive through value-added solutions. B2B2C, so to speak.

Nutrition + Novel Food

Sustainable, fair and socially responsible. That is the motto. On the one hand, consumers focus on short distances, regionality and seasonality. At the same time, new alternative foods such as algae, insects or artificially produced meat are gaining acceptance as ethically and morally appropriate options.


The challenge: well thought-out value chains and business models that meet these requirements. From breeding and cultivation, to processing, transport, purchasing and consumption. All while remaining profitable.


Leisure + Lifestyle

Generation Y and Z are on the rise. And with them also a change in lifestyles. What used to be work-life balance will in future be flexibility and freedom on the one hand, stability and security on the other. A contradiction? Perhaps: That's life. That's VUCA.


Influenced by social and ecological awareness, leisure time will experience a renaissance. New technologies and virtual worlds will play just as important a role as deceleration and Jomo - the joy of missing out. In short: conscious renunciation. The new status symbols: Travel and experiences. One thing is clear: it remains exciting - especially for companies.


Building + Living

Changes are on the horizon. In the fundamental nature of living as well as in property planning and presentation, construction, furnishing and utilization. In addition to healthy living and the associated desire for natural raw materials, the focus is on sustainability: ecologically sustainable building materials, energy efficiency, circular economy.


With increasing digitalization - in particular the Internet of Things - the automation of one's own four walls is also steadily advancing. Smart homes are becoming multifunctional communication centers. Exciting opportunities that need to be utilized.


Connectivity + Mobility

Being "connected" is becoming increasingly important. With people, places or things. Physically or digitally. Quickly and at any given time. So, on the one hand, the need for mobility is increasing enormously. And with it also the demands of consumers: Environmentally friendly, sustainable and affordable.


On the other hand, digital networking is permeating all areas of life. Whether it' s social networks, the shared economy, crowd sourcing, virtual collaboration, business ecosystems - everything is booming. And the necessary technologies are becoming increasingly affordable and thus suitable for the mass market. Pure future potential.


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