That's the FYNN Tech Lab. We know our way around state-of-the-art technologies. We use them to develop innovative tech concepts. And bring them to the market.


Our goal: to create long-term added value for the corporate strategy from the development and use of technologies that shape the future.

A glimpse into the future. 
Innovation = Technology + Strategy 

A world without technology is no longer imaginable. In order to remain competitive in tomorrow's market, start-ups as well as corporates need to rethink. Because with the advancing networking and virtualisation of reality, one thing is becoming clear: technology is the main component for creating innovation and rethinking existing business models. And to bring them successfully to the market.


Therefore, the goal must be to create sustainable competitive advantages through future-oriented technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning or Industry 4.0. And to develop market-oriented business models with them. From the market. To the market.



We design & innovate tech products and services to tackle strategic challenges.

That is our mission. We use technology to create new products, business models and services and align existing ones with the future. Across the entire value chain. Pure transformation. And we are part of it, supporting innovators, corporates and start-ups in facing the new challenges. Let's rock. Full service.

Developing digital products.
Pain points become products.

IMPULSE: Sparring & consulting around the development and positioning of tech products and their operation.


What an exciting time. Groundbreaking technologies meet new consumer behaviour patterns. Young start-ups meet markets that have not yet been touched. This makes it even more important for corporates to maintain an overview. To recognise where technology can be used in a meaningful way along the value chain, the strategy and the (digital) products. We help to make sustainable tech investments in this dynamic environment and thus develop innovative products and strategies.




INNOVATION: From idea, concept and product development to go-to-market for corporates and start-ups.


Here is the space for innovation. Exciting ideas, novel concepts and powerful business models. It's fun! Together with tech experts, a market-to-market approach is used to develop products that will survive in the future market. Starting with consumer insights, through product development and (rapid) prototyping to positioning and sales strategy.


IMPLEMENTATION: Technology & Implementation

We are familiar with state-of-the-art technology. And we really enjoy working out (agile) concepts, planning tech stacks and designing the architecture. Then it's down to the nitty-gritty: the implementation. 

Roll up your sleeves! 

Our goal: to develop unique services from ideas. From A to Z.


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Our approach.
Rethinking tech products. From design to development

We create competitive advantages through the strategic use of technologies. We start from the market, rely on state-of-the-art technologies and develop a concept. And then we go back to the market.

In this process, we build on content-related tech expertise and our strategic know-how:

  • the need and problem structures of customers and stakeholders
  • the current or future core business
  • and the reasonable application of new technologies.

This combined perspective guarantees market-oriented results that create sustainable value in the company. 





This is where our hands-on approach makes a difference:

  • Agile and user-centred approach with design thinking methods
  • Elaboration & design of tech concepts
  • In-depth expert knowledge in the areas of app/client & server systems, blockchain, machine learning, data intelligence, frontend & app and IoT
  • Planning and execution of IT architectures
  • Customer-centric UI & UX concepts
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas and development of shippable products (MVP)
  • Development of sustainable business models and sales strategies

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