The digital Revolution.
An opportunity you should seize.

Industries are realigning themselves. Things are bubbling up on the executive floors. New strategies are being developed. And they have to be implemented in day-to-day business. This is exactly where we come in. Take advantage of the potential of digital transformation - simplify your processes across the value chain with us, develop new digital business models, products and services and serve your customers in a more targeted way.

Digital alignment.
From your employees to your business model, products and services to the customer journey.

Digital Minds & Hearts

Digital transformation begins in the minds of managers and employees. We are certain this is the case. That's why we're also targeting this area. And as part of our successful STRATEGY 2GO series, we have developed our own training courses to get your employees on track. Practical and project oriented.


Digital Business Models & Value Chains

Online business, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or Internet of Things: our lives are becoming increasingly digital. And that brings along new opportunities. Especially for startups and medium-sized companies. The rule is: customer needs + market developments + digital technologies = interesting data-driven business models. And these help to work on existing markets even more efficiently. And to develop new ones.


Digitalization of products & services

Smart products and digital services can solve customer problems even more precisely, expand convenience and increase the level of service. And best of all, valuable user data is collected at the same time, which in turn is used to improve customer service, optimize sales and develop new products and services. Cleverly planned and implemented, this creates a virtuous circle that adds value for everyone involved.


Digital Customer Journey

Whether B2B or B2C - in the future, interaction between companies and existing as well as potential customers will become more and more important - before, during and after the purchase. And this is where digital technologies come into play. And a clear strategy for implementing them. The aim is to provide customers with optimum support along the way, while at the same time gathering targeted information about their needs, expectations and buying behavior. And to use it internally in a meaningful way.


Managing digital projects.
From pain points all the way to market launch.

We work with you to develop future-oriented digitalization strategies and ensure rapid and effective implementation. With a practical mindset and in tune with the current times. And with a team of experts that is precisely suited to your challenge. You will be accompanied by a digital business strategist who always keeps an eye on both the business and the technical side. This means you have a central contact person who speaks your language. And coordinates the team of experts.



In terms of content, we rely on three strategic pillars for digital projects:

  • the demand and problem structures of your customers and stakeholders,
  • their current or aspired core business
  • and the appropriate use of new technologies

This combined approach guarantees market-oriented results that bring long-term competitive advantages to the company.





Our tested and proven approach is particularly characterized by:

  • Initiating digital projects in a protected framework which allows for visionary development and safe testing.
  • User-focused work with design thinking methods.
  • Rapid success by using lean startup logic in the development of digital products
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas and development of saleable products (MVP).
  • Targeted and efficient involvement of management and the board of directors according to the principle that "digitalization is a matter for the boss"
  • Fast and KPI-based market rollout

Structure follows Strategy.
This applies in particular to digital transformation.

Smart in all areas - from product development to sales and after sales. That is the motto when it comes to Digital Transformation. Because smart business models and data-driven products and services are changing the way we work - in product development, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing & sales. Because in intelligent, networked structures, traditional corporate functions are also changing. Collaboration between departments is changing. And new ones are being created.

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Seekyou becomes
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