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all projects
Consumer & Market Insights
Business Model & Strategy
Product & Services
Market Positioning
all projects
all projects
Nutrition & Novel Food
Leisure & Lifestyle
Building & Living
Connectivity & Mobility

WAG Wohnungsanlagen Gesellschaft
Sharpening of the company's future orientation with top management and development of a clear market strategy, market segmentation and development of personas as the basis for a customer-centered market development.

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ÖBB Infrastruktur
Internal positioning and further development of the B2B product brand "Railpower" and creation of the organizational framework for successful market development.

Development of an ecologically and economically appropriate business model for one of the strategically most important destinations in the south of South Tyrol.

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Strategic support of an innovation development in the field of "body care" - from the first idea to market placement.

Brüder Theurl GmbH
Strategic support of the introduction of a new business field on a conceptual and organizational level up to the go-to-market.

Hermann Fleischlos

Identification of consumer insights and derivation of clear customer segments, joint reflection on strategic positioning and development of options for further development.

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ASA Software House
Preparation of the DACH market entry by refining the business model and the strategic positioning as well as the development of a demand-oriented product and service strategy.

Österreichische Post AG
Professional training and coaching for high potentials with focus on the topics "Consumer Insights", "Business Logic" and "Digital Transformation".


WKO Österreichische Installateure
Development of a common market positioning for Austrian installers with the aim of optimizing internal costs, increasing service quality for the member companies and placing a strong quality brand on the market.

Development of business models for new product ideas in cooperation with management and key employees as a basis for evaluating market viability.

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Brancheninitiative Heizungssanierung
Strategic planning of the Austria-wide effective initiative "Energy Future Austria" based on a target group and customer journey analysis incl. support of the go-to-market.

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Strategic reorientation of the company - from the optimization of the business model to the development of new services, to the brand and sales-related market relaunch.

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Enrico Giacomuzzi GmbH
Further development of the strategic positioning, development of an intuitive and demand-oriented product logic and revitalization of the corporate brand as a basis for entering new markets.

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Green & Clean
Identifying consumer insights and deriving clear customer segments as a solid basis for developing additional locations and new services.

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Urania Meran
Sharpening of the overall strategic orientation - from the identification of new business areas and the development of a customer-centered product and service strategy to a repositioning on the market.

Review of the existing business model in cooperation with management and key employees, identification of market potentials and development of a future orientation with top management for the business fields of company catering and catering.

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Concept Study Lana 2025 - Invently
Idea development and concept study for an interactive technical world of experience to strategically secure the location and create additional value for a tourist destination.

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Development of a coherent business model including product formats and financing model around the idea of an online medium as well as strategic support of the go-to-market.

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Zukunftsforum SHL
Strategic support of an Austria-wide, cross-industry association in the heating, sanitary and ventilation industry - from the initial idea all the way to the go-to-market.

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Altay - Tyrol Super Ski Resort China
Strategic planning of a future project in a politically sensitive environment with many stakeholders - from idea and concept development up to the organization of implementation.

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